Switching from Boost online only prepiad meter to Bulb

Hi, i am looking to switch from my current supplier Boost prepaid (online only) to Bulb, but would like more info on if you can manage my prepaid meters (top ups etc) thought the Bulb app.
Can you pay/top up though the Bulb app on a pre paid meter, or is this only for credit meters?
Can i switch from Boost to a Bulb credit account and make extra payments thought the Bulb app due to my electricity use going up/down depending if my children are home from College.
If i have a Prepaid balance with Boost still when i switch will this then need to be credited back by Boost or will Bulb start once this runs out?

@Eclipsal Boost meters are smart prepayment meters which upon switching to Bulb will turn into credit mode. This means that you would be paying Bulb a monthly Direct Debit. You would have to deal with any remaining balance with Boost.