Switching from dd to paying monthly usage

Hi my dd jumped up a large amount this month, so I cancelled my dd and would wish to pay my usage per month for each month. How do I do this, I’ve seen this option mentioned in a couple of other threads.

The best way is to set up a new DD. You will get a note on your account page asking to set amount and date of payment - ignore this. By default Bulb will take amount owed 14 days after bill date (which will not change from your present statement date) Tell Bulb you are doing this.

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I understand from Bulb, when setting up my own payment on receipt of bill today,2 that there is no direct debit system available for Bulb to automatically take payment, one has to action payment oneself.

@geevo41 Yes precisely, we can set up payments on statements once we have a direct debit set up. Once your statement has been generated we will deduct this directly from your direct debit after 14 days. :smiley:

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We can set up payment on receipt of bill for our members as long as there is no outstanding balance on the account. So before we can set this up please ensure you have topped up your account which you can do via your bulb account and we can then organise this for you something like that.

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I’ve already got this set up - I was telling Sjm how to do it!

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