Switching from E-ON and Day / Night rates

Hi, I am with E-ON and have a Liberty 100 meter and my bill shows day and night rates (I have storage heaters - no gas) - If I switch to Bulb will I still get the seperated day and night rates on my bill (I need the cheaper rate at night for the storage heaters) - I am worried about losing this and ending up with much higher bills . . . . Thanks

Hey @harrismix :wave:

We can take 2 rate meters over to us! If you have storage heaters its of course worth keeping the day and night rates.

You can get a quote and sign up via our website here: https://join.bulb.co.uk/

After you go through the basic prompts I recommend clicking ‘refine my quote’ as you’ll be able to add more details to help us quote you more accurately. You can also check out the tariffs we have available including the economy 7 meter tariff here: Tariff | Bulb

Let me know if you have any questions about it!
– H :bulb:

Hi, Thanks but I already have a switch to Bulb in progress, should I cancel it and start again? I MUST have the seperated day/night rate and the switch didn’t mention this - thanks

@harrismix no need to cancel it! As your meter is a 2 rate meter and is listed as such on the national database, it will be due to switch to us as one (meaning there will be day and night rates) :relaxed:

OK thanks so I don’t need to do anything to ensure when I get my Bulb bills it will show the day/night rates? When I just tried to cancel the switch it said it’s too late the switch is already in progress . . . . . One other question, is there a 10 hour night rate available or just economy 7?

You don’t need to do anything- we bill based on the type of meter you have so if this is 2 rate, it will be 2 rate with us. We draw this information from your old supplier as well as the national database so all this should let us know how to bill you correctly.

We don’t offer economy 10 unfortunately, so it would be economy 7 :blush:

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