Switching from Economy 7 to standard/single tariff


I sent an email two days ago but haven’t had any response yet.

I had an engineer over to install a smart meter on the 26th, he said that you would be able to switch me to a standard/single tariff remotely. The engineer said that he had set the meter up so that it would work on a single tariff for me, so I really just want to make sure that my account is set up in such a way that reflects this.

Please could you do this for me?

Thank you.

Hi Alex :wave:

We usually exchange meters like for like, but if the engineer has set it up to be 1 rate we should receive all this information from them and be able to set the account up as such. The agreements we set follow the type of meter but we need that information to come through first.

I can see your installation was on the 26th so its only been 2 days- it takes about a week to get all the new meter details sent over. Once we have that we’ll be able to check that its a 1 rate as per the engineer set up as you said.

— H :bulb:

Ok that’s good to hear. The engineer mentioned that the new smart meters are able to do both 1 and 2 rate, just needs to be set up correctly and my tariff needs to be set up by the provider remotely.

At the moment I am slightly worried that if the engineer set the meter to one fixed rate, and I am on an economy 7 tariff - it means that I am stuck on the day rate of economy 7 until you change my tariff to the standard one.

@alexl36 If the engineer installs a 1 rate meter we should only get 1 reading which will be set to a 1 rate tariff by us. :relaxed:
but the meter itself needs to be 1 rate so our agreement can match that!

Well, it’s just that my account is still set to Vari-Fair, so it says I have a day rate of 19.47p which I am worried about it being stuck on now that the engineer changed it. We will see!

Update: I can confirm that we are now stuck on the day rate of 19.47p per kWh even at night time when it should be 10p (according to the smart meter hourly charge)

@alexl36 Ah it looks like you had a 2 rate meter installed though, not a 1 rate, as we’re getting smart meter readings for day and night.

So it looks like what I said above, we have exchanged it like for like and the meter wasn’t installed as a 1 rate. Can you cycle through the readings on your meter? You should be able to see that it’s still 2 rate and giving 2 readings.

We can add you to the tariff change list so we can switch it over to 1 rate in the future?

Ok, I’ve just had a look at the 1 tariff price and it looks like it has gone up since I last saw it:
18.0915p per kWh.

If this is correct then there isn’t much point in changing it actually, as it is just 1p less. And the savings are far greater if I just pop the washing machine and dishwasher on at night for 10p per kWh.

Now I am confused as to why the engineer said it was running on 1 rate!

And in response to cycling through, no it does not allow me to cycle through anything. I also watched the smart meter charge me the 19p per kWh after 7.30, when it should be 10p per kWh between 7.30 and 12.30.

So sounds like the engineer gave me a 2 rate meter and locked it into only using the day rate.

Update: My bill seems to be accurate so I think the smart meter just doesn’t display the night rate, which is a shame.

I’ve just switched to bulb, I’m on E7 meter and thinking of changing, but it doesn’t seem worth as you say there is only 1p difference.

I was wondering how do I find out the E7 hours? as I believe there different for different areas, not all 12-7am.

Hi @mr_bulb,

You would be able to see what your tariff would be like on E7 hours here.

All you need to do is enter your postcode, select the ‘Economy 7 meter for my electricity’ option, and that will generate the rates for you :bulb:


Thanks @Diana_at_Bulb but that’s for domestic, I’m on business rates.

It’s the actually hours for the Economy 7 tariff I was after, is it midnight to 7am? As I believe it depends on areas and can be different with between suppliers.

Hi @mr_bulb, ah yes I see what you mean.

I have checked on this now for you and I can see that you are currently in communication with one of my colleagues from our Business department, so it would be best to direct this enquiry to him within your email thread, and he’ll be able to assist and provide you with more details on our business rates :bulb:


This is my first property, and given the above posts I have just made the realisation that the reduced night rate is not from 19:30 to 00:30 as I had originally thought.

It’s actually from 00:30 to 07:30, can you confirm? I also have the same question as mr_bulb, how can I look up when the actual night rate is for my area?

Hey @alexl36 :relaxed:
We’ve got a post about the hours here:

Hope that helps!