Switching from TOTO Energy

Like several others who have contributed I initiated switching on 21 Dec from TOTO Energy to Bulb when they introduced tariff changes
which MSE Energy Club highlighted.
To say the switch has been a disaster is an under-statement - somehow both fuels were not transferred just the Gas - is that my fault ? however both companies continued to make withdrawals in Jan and Feb without communicating what is happening giving TOTO Energy a terrible reputation, I await to here from Bulb as to the reason.

This leaves me no option other than escalating

@bobw we supplied your electricity from 11/01/18 and your gas from 20/01/18. Are these dates different from your understanding? If not, what further action are you looking for from Bulb, please?

Have you received a final statement from Toto? They have what they need to final-bill you.