Switching over from E-ON

So I came over to Bulb in December from E-ON energy.
Due to the covid pandemic apparently they did some weird stuff where they paid for our energy for us in May. I did check this and it is so. So I owed £90.
I am happy to pay this as its what I owe, even though I was not informed about this weird covid measure that took place, but so be it…

Since moving to bulb, I have received yet another letter now stating I owe £236!!

I have spent the last hour now trying to contact them with absolutely no luck!

So my questions…

Is there a huge bill that occurs when changing energy supplier? Perhaps this is why the increase?

Has anyone else had problems with E-ON? and if so, how did you resolve the matter and do you have an E-ON email contact address as their website is extremely misleading!!

Many thanks in advance

Hi @Carlhp

It looks like you have a smart top up meter?

This means that you should pay as you go. I am unsure about the bill you have been sent, I can have a look at it if you email it to help@bulb.co.uk.

Make sure you ask for a breakdown of the bill so you know exactly what the costs are for.


Hey @Mel_at_Bulb,

This is my confusion as we were on pay as you go, so I’m confused where they got £236 from lol.

I have emailed the bill over to you.

Many thanks