Switching Provider


I recently joined Bulb. My gas contract switched over ok, but my electricity was rejected. I have been charged for the price of both (gas and electric). Please can the electric fee be refunded. The next bill is due on December 15th, please can you ensure I pay only for gas within this period.

Since the switch was rejected, I have contacted my electricity supplier, they have resolved the issue so you should be able to re-trigger the transfer and the electricity provider has assured me that they will not reject the transfer again.

If possible please can you use the refunded amount from November’s bill as Credit on my account towards my next bill.

If the transfer can be done in time for my December bill then please could you ensure this takes place. If not please confirm I will not pay the fee for both until January (when I assume the transfer will have taken place).

Many thanks for your help.

This is a forum for customers. Whilst Bulb do post on here occasionally you would be better to contact them directly via phone, email, or webchat, using the information linked from the “Help” pages above.

In the mean time, you can log into your account and set your direct debit to be whatever you want, you don’t have to do this via Bulb customer support. In addition, do not confuse your monthly payment with “the bill”. While the monthly payment that has been taken is higher than necessary, that doesn’t mean you have paid for energy twice. It’ll all work itself out.

This may help How Bulb charges for energy usage – Bulb