Switching supplier pre-pay top up user information

Hi, Just thought I’d share some information which I was concerned about once I received my new top up key, I could not find a definite answer so here is my experience.

  1. Keep your new key safe & do not use it yet until; step 4.
  2. Use all your main credit up first.
  3. Once used, initiate your emergency credit £6.00.
  4. Once you have the emergency credit in use, you may now insert your new key to “marry them up” together - screen may display £0.00 at first as main credit - but will change afterwards to show remaining emergency in use.
  5. Return your old key or recycle etc.
  6. Top up your new key & once home insert - keeping in mind that credit will be moved to the emergency fund to £6 (if you have £5.50p emergency & top up £10.00p the main credit will show £9.50p - emergency as £6).
  7. Remember if you leave your key in the meter & the main credit runs out, it will not automatically initiate the emergency (if you knew it will run out when your at work) - it will need re-inserting to initiate.

I really hope that this guide helps - for me was worried id be left with no credit, this may only work for people who change suppliers from pre paid to pre paid. I joined from EDF to Bulb.