Switching supplier

Whats others views on switching suppliers at the moment? My view is that to jump now one may find their new supplier has still to raise prices so one could benefit say for a couple of months and then find themselves back to square one or indeed more expensive.

I received an email from uswitch saying I could save £100 but that doesnt take account of other suppliers who have still to raise prices as few actually advertise ahead of a price increase.

I agree @scudo .
I think a lot of people jumping ship just now into a fixed contract are going to be worse off if (when) the market cools down.
I’d rather stick with a single variable tariff company that can respond quickly when wholesale prices inevitably fall.
When I did a comparison a couple of days ago, Bulb were still the best in that category.

@scudo A lot of other suppliers will be increasing their prices. My advice is that if you do want to switch, check to see when the company last had a price rise.

Personally, I agree with @198kHz, once wholesale prices come down, so will our prices. Fixed tariff sounds appealing until you’re 12 months down the line and all the other tariffs are cheaper.

I think Freddie you are missing something…You are putting up prices when consumption is about to grow wholesale prices are not going to reduce in our benefit until next spring remember you buy well in advance . So best tie your self into another supplier for a year if prices drop change again most exit costs are less than the monthly increase in my fairly conservative bill… and these companies are reputed to have the same green credentials as BULB

Hi @aidanjukes it’s certainly true that some people prefer a fixed tariff, and it may be the best option for you. I just hope that when wholesale prices drop significantly (which I believe they’re predicted to do in the next few months-as wholesale prices are influenced pretty significantly by predictions for a good few months in advance) our tariff will be a little more affordable for you