Switching to Bulb - a few practical questions


I have just booked the switch (for electricity only) and got the date of changing the supplier to Bulb. I have a few questions:

  • do I have to be at home when the supplier is switched? The meter is in the cupboard in the hall and if access is needed somebody will have to open the entrance door to the block and to the cupboard.

  • will there be a period with no electricity when the supplier is switched?

  • will the remaining credit on my pre-payment meter be automatically moved to Bulb?

  • will they install a new meter or leave the previous one? I have a Tariff 7 pre-payment meter from British Gas

I would be grateful if somebody can answer these questions.

No you will not need to be at home. Your new key will come through the post
No the credit will not be moved to bulb, should be refunded by BG,although you may be just as as well to let the credit run right down(about £1) to save you the hassle of chasing up BG for the refund.
No they will not change the meter your new key should be programmed with the new tariff
No your electricity will not be cut off.
**IF after a week or so if you have not received your new key chase up BULB by phone or chat NOT snail mail **

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