Switching to Bulb and switching to direct debit

Hi there,

My mum is currently on a prepayment smart meter with Utilita in a rented house. We are looking to switch to Bulb as the landlady will allow us to switch company but will not let us change the meter.

My mum is also looking at cutting the cost of our electric and gas and I noticed that if I did a quote for direct debit it was much cheaper than prepayment.

Can we switch to Bulb without changing the meter and change it from prepayment to direct debit?

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Changing from prepayment to a credit meter/direct debit usually involves a meter change, unless it’s a smart meter. I’d recommend changing it with your current supplier before switching away.

The landlord can’t stop you from having the meter type changed.


Thank you for your quick reply. It is a smart meter so does that mean it will auto switch without a meter change? Does changing to direct debit with our current supplier lock us into a contract?

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