Switching to Bulb ? are they still trading ? - I am concerned!

I am currently in the process of switching electricity supplier from Scottish Power to Bulb.
I have only started this recently and still is my cool-off period.
Are they still trading or is this an internet only company?
The chat line is never available in the app. I tried to contact the support on a call. The answer time was 10 minutes. I gave up waiting after 25 minutes on the line!
Are they still trading ???

Also, my smart meter being a SMET1 (Scottish Power ELSTER AS300P + AM110R) I am concerned that this won’t be compatible with their smart tarif (my smart meter becoming not smart anymore, back to manual reading and estimate rather than Half Hourly!) AND Samsung Smartthings offering (not having a Chameleon IHD at home!), unless Bulb change my IHD?

Not the best first impression so far.
Should I cancel my move and stay with Scottish Power?

The OR here doesn’t make sense to me. The two clauses are not related. They are BOTH an internet only company AND they are still trading.

The customer service is rather poor right now. If you want to talk to them, you’ll just have to hold on the phone for as long as it takes.

This is a problem you’ll face with your SMETS1 meter when switching to ANY supplier.

I can tell you that my Elster AS300P + AM110R is readable by Bulb and active on their 3 rate smart tariff. However, there is also a firmware dependency issue and depending on how old your meter is it may not work, even though the model is the same. The only way to determine this is for Bulb to attempt to read it. There’s no way to know in advance before you switch.

You won’t be able to use the Samsung Smartthings service, because it needs a new model of IHD and the two models available are SMETS2 only. You’d need both a new IHD and new SMETS2 meters. You’ll see on this forum that Bulb SMETS2 meters are not working very well at all, similarly with many other suppliers, so replacing your existing meters would not be recommended just yet.

If keeping your automated readings is important to you, then the best action is to cancel your switch and stay with Scottish Power. Rather than contacting Bulb customer service, you should be able to simply tell Scottish Power that you want to stay and they will cancel the switch for you.

Not to be rude but this does all seem like things you ought to have considered before actually starting a supplier switch.

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Thanks for your reply…
I merely followed the “2 minutes to switch” without too many questions, but then I started to search in this forum… I am new to smart metering and only discovered the SMET 1 and 2 now…

My smart meter is a few month old, so hopefully will have the correct firmware for bulb half hourly reading. The 3 tier tariff is one reason I am interested in bulb. Finger crossed.
It’s a pitty we can’t simply change the IHD to a chameleon one so that the Smartthings offer works too…
Let’s see what happen. If things turn to worse, then I can always move away from bulb…

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