Switching to Bulb but can't travel to property to take meter readings


I’m thinking of switching to Bulb as my tariff with EDF is ending on 31 March and Bulb’s prices are lower. In the switching guidance it says I’ll need to provide opening meter readings, however due to Lockdown I can’t legally travel to the property until after 12 April so won’t be able to take any readings until then. EDF are able to get readings from the smart meter remotely, so is it possible for Bulb to get an opening reading that way?


Hi @Gemma_H,

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That’s a good question, and it basically depends on your meter type. If it’s a second generation smart meter (SMETS2) or a first generation smart meter which is compatible with our systems, this should be possible.

So we can check if this is something we’re able to do, I’ve send you an email so we can take a look, please reply to that and we’ll go from there!

Freya @ Bulb :bulb: