Switching to Bulb Dec. '19

Hi, How can I switch Bulb? My current supplier Ecotricity, had objected, but told me to pass on to you to take BOTH my meters.
How do I get of an Admin person at Bulb?
Thanks, Margo van Greta

Contact details here: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/requests/new

@margo.vangreta It sounds like you have related meters: just to make you aware, we currently have to charge two standing charges for related meters because there are two supply points feeding your home, rather than one.

We’ve most likely emailed you about the objection we received from your current supplier - if you reply to that email with both of your MPANs for your meters, we should be able to reapply.

@Jim_at_Bulb Am in process of switching from ScottishPower to Bulb (in pipeline from MoneySupermarket). I implore you and the other staff - Please, Please prcess me as fast as possible. ScottishPower are doing my head in. SAD at this time of year, plus calustrophobia, panic attacks, twitchy, sleepless nights, impending doom. They appear to be purposefully overcharging my balance (estimated bills) to keep me in perpetual debt, and interfere with a smooth energy supplier switchover. I have sent them several jpg photos of my meter readings but they are not recalculating my bill - they have added 3400 kWh (at 17p each) for a fantasy electric usage. And demands for payment within 7 days. etc. I want to pay the remainder of the real debt and enjoy some peace and quiet at last. Thanks.