Switching to Bulb, direct debit question

About to switch to bulb and I’m at the screen where I enter the direct debit account number and sort code. There is also a field for the account holders name. But is this fort the bulb account holder name or the bank account holder name? Asking because I’m going to be the account holder but the direct debit is coming from my wifes bank account.


Not sure but it maybe similar to this, best contact bulb to confirm.

Hi @jimmybog, that screen is asking for the full name of the bank account holder, who is associated with the following bank account details.

We require that the bank account holder is also a named contact on the Bulb account, and that they give their permission to use their bank account details for billing.

When switching to Bulb online, only one name on the account can be added initially, so please get in touch with us after the signup to add the second. You can follow the instructions that Scudo posted above to add your partner to the Bulb account.