Switching to Bulb in a different property


Me and my flatmate are moving out of our current property and moving into our new property on the 31st May (tomorrow). In the current property we are with British gas, however, have decided to switch to Bulb for our new flat.

My first question is will you still refund the exit fee from British gas of the flat we are in now or do you only refund if switching providers in the same property?

Secondly, I only just signed up to Bulb without knowing there was a wait. Bulb will be set up in the new flat on the 21st but is there a quicker way to set this up since it is tomorrow we are moving in? There is nobody currently living in the flat so there shouldn’t be any provider still set up there.


Whoever currently supplies the new flatwill continue to do so until the switch is made.
The FLAT is supplied with energy NOT the person so there will be a current supplier.