Switching to bulb... new ihd or old retailer's existing one?

Hi, I’ve just bought a flat and staying with Bulb but the new place is currently with SSE. Do Bulb supply a new IHD when they take over billing??

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Welcome to community and congratulations on your new place :blush:

We will only send a new IHD upon installation of smart meters (by our engineers). So, if the meters were installed before switching to us, we wouldn’t automatically send out a new IHD.

Hopefully, the old owners should have left the IHD that was given to them when they had the smart meters installed. They should continue to work. Are you able to see the existing IHD anywhere?

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Hi, yes… the SSE one is here and working fine. How long after the changeover date for Bulb to update the standing charge and tarriff?

@OzBob That’s good news! The tariff and standing charge happens when you join us of course, but for the IHD to kick in/update it could take a few days.

If it doesn’t update after a while we have a fix that you can do through your Bulb Account to reset/update it as well. :relaxed:

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Okay, that’s great… IF it all pans out that way!!

Now, what happens with billing?? Do I cancel the existing direct debit?? I have £61.79 debit on my account from the rental; is that credited back to my nominated bank account or will that balance just transfer to the account for the new home?

@OzBob- If you’re moving out of the property you can schedule a move out in your Bulb Account and then we’d send you a final bill up until that date. Have you done that?

We’d then take the final payment from the credit on the account and automatically refund any remaining within 10 days, or if the account is in debit and needs a bit extra to cover the final bill, we take the outstanding amount from the DD and then close the account. This is why we ask you to keep the DD active, as it’ll make the final bill payment/refund easier.

We then start your account afresh at the new place! :house_with_garden:

Yes, I’ve arranged all that on the app, emails I’m getting aren’t altogether clear, though. I did my last reading yesterday and have the bill for the old place, and left me the £61 in the black. Bulb is supposed to be the retailer from 1st May. I can see both accounts in the app, but I’m guessing then that I’ll stop seeing the old place once I am refunded? Seems counterintuitive to not simply transfer the balance to the new property!

@OzBob Oh I see- We can transfer the credit over to the new account if you’d prefer we just need to process this manually. The reason it isn’t done automatically is sometimes accounts can end up in debit or use different bank details so we wouldn’t want to just send over whatever is left on an old account to a new one unless asked to.

I can see however we’ve started that refund of the credit left over to your new account back to you already so that should be with you shortly! :blush:

Hi Holly, saw the deposit went into the account today, and there’s a new “unknown amount” DD showing for Bulb… so, I guess we’re done and it’s all down to whether the remote display reverts to Bulb from SSE works relatively quickly.

Hey @OzBob

Cool! I can see your direct debit is pending being added to the account - don’t forget to send us some nice opening meter readings when you can as well, they’re always good to have :blush:

Give it a week or two after it switches and we should be able to get those smart meter readings through regularly as well. If you need us to check please pop us a reply here and we’d be happy to investigate :mag:

Gidday Holly.
So, we’re at this point now… Smart Meter readings and much longer will I need to be sending manual readings? Also, the existing remote display is still showing the previous rates for ESS, when do I get to see the correct billing rates for Bulb?
Can I just add, that the more I’m looking at the community posts, the more concerned I am about continuing with Bulb…

Hi @OzBob :wave:

Sorry there are ongoing issues with the smart meter and IHD. I have just raised this with the smart team and hope to get this sorted as soon as possible. Will be in touch when I have an update.

Cara :blush:

Hi @OzBob :wave:

Were the meters commissioned with the old supplier/ were they receiving smart readings ok?


Yes, it was working fine with ESS, in fact, it still shows the standard rates. It is still showing the current usage for the electric and gas just not the right tarrifs and daily charges.

@OzBob Okay great! It should work with us too then- we just received the confirmation of the opening meter read on the 19th, so we’re still setting up all the technical details. As the meter is commissioned it should send us meter readings soon, and as soon as that happens the IHD should update. :blush:

19th?! I sent in the first readings for electric and gas on the 1st May!!! Two readings show on my app… 1st and another on the 17th!

Hi @OzBob :wave:

Yes sorry the reads were on 1st and 17th. I’m just confirming with the smart team if we need to do a remote commissioning on our end and will let you know as soon as I have an update.

Cara :bulb:

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No update on the meters??? They are still showing the previous suppliers tariffs; they seem to still be reading the meters, but that’s it. I’m not even sure if Bulb is actually recieving any information from them?!

Hi @OzBob :wave:

Sorry for the delay but I’ve chased it up again with our smart team. We’re not yet receiving information from them, unfortunately. Thank you for the manual readings while we sort this.


Another month past, and another month the meters still aren’t working… seriously tiresome having to chase something like this up EVERY month!