Switching to bulb off peak?

How do I switch to bulb off peak?

My meter was replaced at the start of May - the previous one having failed 15 months earlier.
The meter is working and sending 30min readings to the DCC as confirmed by the dcc, the nrgy data portal and the cad device I purchased.

Bulb are claiming the meter is not connected to the smart network but this isnt true and I can prove this is the case. As a consequence I cannot switch to the off-peak tariff and once my solar panels get installed next month I am going to be £100’s worse off as a result. What can be done to resolve this?

Hey @james444555 :wave:

As outlined in an email sent to you on Friday, while the communications hub may be working fine, we cannot connect to it strongly enough to take readings.

We have requested a communications hub reboot for you which should help with this process.

– Robyn :bulb: