Switching to Bulb this week,looking for your experiences..!! :)

Hello All,
I am switching to bulb this week and pretty excited to be part of bulb family,by looking at others experiences so far on the forum ,seems going to the right provider.
Also looking for advice here as I have E.ON Economy 7 Smart Meter installed and Digital device to show the energy consumption ,what will happen to the installed meter and that device after I move to bulb?Will I be still able to use the device to check my electricity consumption ?
Same Smart Meter will be used or bulb will install their own meter at the property ?


@“Vicky at Bulb” Could you please provide your comment here?Thanks

@AshishT, so far all’s been good for me.

Regarding the smart meter - the meter will become dumb following your switch to Bulb and you will have to submit readings manually.
The In Home Display may still work to read instant energy consumption but some features may not work or just appear wrong (costings for example). British Gas like to disable the IHDs when you switch suppliers, EON may do the same but I’m not sure.

Bulb will likely install a new smart meter and display later this year as the one you have at present will be a 1st gen version and they’re going to be installing 2nd gen versions. If for some reason it doesn’t get replaced though, Bulb should be able to read it and use its smart functionalities from the end of 2018.

@mowcius Many Thanks for making my understanding more clear on this. :slight_smile:

Sorry @AshishT - I’m not totally sure what comment you mean! @Mowcius has taken the words out of my mouth on this one, but if you’ve got any other queries, let me know!