Switching to bulb with smart meter in new build

I’ve just moved into a new build house that has a smart meter supplied by British gas. I intend to switch to Bulb (supplied our old house) once we get settled but don’t know how this works with a smart meter.

How do I find out if the meter is smets 1 or 2?
Will the little usage display box (British gas branded/supplied) still work? If not, do Bulb supply something similar or are generic versions (not linked to a supplier) available to purchase?

Anything else I need to know about switching with a smart meter?

The meters will have a make and model printed on them. If you search for that, you should be able to determine if they are SMETS1/2.

Worst case is that after the switch Bulb wont be able to read them automatically, and you’ll have to take manual readings just as you always used to do before smart meters. Once you’ve switched, over the next 2 years there will be an attempt to get your smart meters connected up and working, assuming Bulb cant read them initially. If that fails, the meters will eventually be replaced.

There’s nothing else to worry about in terms of switching.

Thanks, that’s good to know.

Hi @Paul19,

Thanks for getting in touch. @Hooloovoo is exactly right. :slight_smile: Your smart meter is likely to be a first generation which means we wouldn’t be able to read it right away. However an update will be sent round to the meters at some point upgrading them to second generation meaning any supplier can read them. :slight_smile:


More than likely it is a smets2 meter. Smets2 have a GUID number or say SM2 on the front.
It’s also likely that your gas meter isn’t connected, unless it’s displayed on the in home display.