Switching to Bulb

Hi. Have just switched to Bulb online and they say that’s all I need to do. Do I need to cancel my direct debit with previous company, as don’t want to be billed from both companies?

nope, don’t cancel anything until you have received your final bill from your previous supplier, as they will need this to collect any funds owing from your last month or they will use these details to refund you any credits on account. I think when i switched to bulb it was over my billing period so I was debited by both companies during my switch, but then it just meant i was in credit with my old supplier which just ended up being refunded.

I’m in credit with my old supplier SSE, though the amount I’m owed has now mysteriously reduced, with no explanation. So after discussion with my bank, I’ve cancelled my direct debit with SSE, and they can send me a cheque. Though why this takes 6 weeks is baffling, given it’s all automated. Pah!
I’ve had problems before with payments still being taken out by the old supplier in these situations, so I’m not taking any chances. And of course I’d already started payments to Bulb.

so what do you think of bulb so far since you were with SSe is it worth it?

OK so far, but it’s still early days!