Switching with a British Gas smart meter


I moved to a rented house last year that had a British Gas electricity smart meter. I switched from BG to a company called Engie straight away and have been using the meter like a normal meter, but the smart meter has got Engie all confused. Basically, I used to get free electric on Sundays with BG, so the meter has a ‘rate 1’ reading that was paid for, and a ‘rate 2’ that was to measure the free electricity on a Sunday. So now that I don’t get this free electricity on Sundays, all of my usage is measured on rate 1, and rate 2 hasn’t changed in a year. The problem is, whenever my current supplier estimates a meter reading, their estimate assumes that rate 2 has increased as well as rate 1, which is not the case and I have to correct them…

I’m fed up of them and want to switch, and I am considering Bulb. My question is, has anyone switched from BG to Bulb with this kind of smart meter, and had everything go smoothly?


Hey @Jd843

You can find the two readings, e.g Rate 1 and 2, by pressing the ‘A’ Button repeatedly. For British Gas smart meters, this is normally a green ‘A’ button to the right-hand side of the screen. You will be able to submit both your meter readings on your account so we won’t need to use estimates.

We are aware of these kinds of meters so we’ll be able to treat it as a normal one-rate meter. W will also have our smart meters available in late 2018 so you won’t have to submit meter readings.