Switching with two electricity meters

Hi guys,

I’m considering switching to Bulb from nPower - at present my house has two electricity meters, one for heaters and one for everything else. I once tried to switch to EON and they said they would only let us switch if they replaced the meters with just one - would you do the same? Wouldn’t be an issue - would just be good to know what the story would be, and how much it would cost.

Many thanks.

Hiya! Awesome to hear that you’re thinking of switching.

It sounds like you have a “related meters” set-up. We can definitely switch you to us if that’s the case. We’ll just need to take both meters on at the same time. You can sign up as usual on our website, but then let us know and we’ll apply for the additional meter as well.

In terms of cost, we’d treat each meter separately. So you’ll have two standing charges, and the same unit rate for both meters (the rates exactly depend on where you live).

Hope that answers your questions, but just give us a shout if you think of anything else!