I started the process of switching from EON to Bulb on Friday 30th June. I have recieved my welcome pack from Bulb but no confirmation from E.ON. I spoke to them today and they have not recieved confirmation of anything. I just wanted to check everything was in order?


Hi laura2925,

if you check out this page, https://support.bulb.co.uk/customer/portal/articles/2805455-how-long-does-it-take-to-switch- it will give you some information about what happens, you are currently in your “cool off” period and should expect to hear from Bulb in about 6 days.


Exactly right @kylevdm!

@laura2925 not all suppliers are quick to chat when you leave them, EON are likely still composing their message to you. We’ll send an update next week and give you a shout if we notice any problems :slight_smile: