Hi there, we switched gas and electric to you from eon earlier this year. We have just received a bill from them for gas and we believed it had all been switched. Can you advise what is best. Kind regards

Hi there, I can confirm that we did take over your gas supply on 1 July. However, I have just looked into it and there has been an application by another supplier to move to EDF. Would you like to move to them or do you want to stay with us?

I have no knowledge about the request to move to EDF. We have only ever requested the move to yourselves and yes we want to stay. We have had a lot of trouble with our address in the past as there are several properties with a variation of the number 1 combined with Mere Lane in some way so I’m not sure if this is what has happened. We most definitely want to stay with you.

Hi @Rvmorris we have objected against the switch so you won’t be moving and will be staying with us. Sorry you are having these problems, I think it might be a good idea to get the address changed if possible. I have sent you an email with further details =)