Hi, just wondering why i am still to be charged for fuel when i decided to switch suppliers

@LeeRoper_283, do you mean that your previous supplier is still trying to charge you for your energy usage?

You will get a final bill from them where they will either send you some money or you will need to send them some money to zero out your account (balances on credit accounts are never carried across).

If they’re still trying to charge you for energy after your account should have been finalised and closed (up to about 6 weeks after your switch date), then I hope it’s not Scottish Power as they did this to me and it took 18 months to sort out!

Hi @LeeRoper_283
It sounds like it may be a relating to them not issuing your final bill through. It takes 5-6 weeks from when you switch.

Here’s our help article on paying two direct debits: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115001227691-Should-I-cancel-my-Direct-Debit-with-my-old-supplier-