Following my change on 16/12, my old provider claims they have not received the meter readings I submitted to bulb on 15/12. Can you please confirm they have been advised?

Bulb can confirm but they will be submitted, what happens is the readings are submitted to a third party for verification and then submitted so this can take up to 6 weeks before final bills are confirmed. It is required within the industry and nothing that Bulb can control.

Hi @graeme1009 - @scudo is right, it can take a few weeks from when your supply starts with us before your previous supplier receives the readings and sends you a final bill, this is because there are two rounds of third-party verification.

I can see that your readings were sent out on 16/12/17 as expected, but it can take up to 6 weeks from your supply start date with us until you receive your final bill from your old supplier, if you haven’t received it by then, do let us know so we can figure out why!


Thanks Vicky. Final bill now settled with previous supplier.