Both my daughter and I switched to Bulb recently. My switch went smoothly,however the same cannot be said about my daughters. Her gas account changed over but the electricity keeps being rejected. She is being told it is because she is in a new buil property and the postcode is still showing with Scottish Power as a builders postcode. Three times she has contacted both Scottish Power and Bulb, three times the application has bounced back. Why has the gas account gone through yet the electricity can’t? House is 3 years old and power has been supplied to previous tennant by Scottish Power all of this time.

Hi, @Razorb64 It may be that the relevant details for the meter are not on the National database, and so we cannot yet take it on, Has your daughter emailed or phoned us about this recently?

Hi Callum yes she has called several times. She has also contacted Scottish Power who assure her that they have updated the postcode. The house Is 3 years old and has had the power supplied to the previous owner by Scottish Power, why then would the meter not be registered? What can be done about this as she is really being passed from pillar to post now?

@Razorb64 Suppliers may still supply a property without having a correct listing on the national database for the meter, especially if they’re the supplier that installed the meter (which it sounds like Scottish Power are).

If Scottish Power is saying that they’ve updated ECOES (the national electricity database) to show the correct listing of the meter, but when we check the national database it’s still incorrect, I’m afraid the only avenue from there is escalating it with Scottish Power until the database actually is updated. Once it is, we can take it over.