I have just requested a switch, but forgot to use my friend’s referral code, is there anyway that this can be applied in retrospect? Many thanks

Hi @v_1 ,

By sounds of things, this is a similar thing to https://community.bulb.co.uk/discussion/comment/21313/ , so I’ll just copy my reply (if I can’t plagarise myself, who can I plagarise? :wink: ):

According to https://bulb.co.uk/terms/ s 17.2.5 :
The Recruit must use the Referrer's Personal Link to switch energy supply to Bulb on bulb.co.uk. Referrals claimed retrospectively are not eligible and will not be rewarded. Bulb is not responsible for failure to issue Rewards resulting from an incorrectly quoted Personal Link.

So technically the answer is no. However, since I guess there is nothing stopping you cancelling your switch and then signing up using the link Bulb may be willing to ‘work with you’ on this (however, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll pay the referral - 17.2.4 - “Recruits must not have already signed up to Bulb or be an existing member, already on supply with Bulb, or a member of Bulb in the preceding 12 months, under any email address or alias.”).

I’d just drop them a line via help@bulb.co.uk (including dates and the referral link) asking kindly and cross your fingers.