Hi Guys, how are you. I have just moved into a new flat, where is the energy prepayment meter. I would like to use the Bulb service, but what it means: “Smart prepayment meters will be switched to credit”. What kind of meter is the smart one? I’m not sure if I have the smart one. Secondly, my landlord does not agree to change the type of payment.

Hi @Aggi

We’re very well - although it would nice if the sunshine returned.

We have a help centre article that explains what “smart prepayment meters will be switched to credit” means.

You will know if it is smart because you will not have a key or card to top up the meters. Instead, you can top up online, on an app or at a shop and a signal will be sent to your meter.

Your landlord cannot stop you from exchanging your prepayment meters with credit meters. But you must let them know you’re doing it. There is more information about this on the Citizen’s advice website.

Thank you for the quick reply :slight_smile: In that case, I do not have a smart meter, because I have a key. Thank you also for the advice. I know that I can change my prepayment meter, but my landlord is extremely friendly and helpful, so I do not want to act against his expectations :slight_smile: Have a lovely day


Ok, thanks for keeping us updated. Sounds like you have a good relationship with your landlord. If you both decide to change the meters, let us know and we can organise the exchange.