Take Note When Installing Smart Meters

First, best believe I tried so hard to tone down the anger I feel in the topic title.

Second, how do you bug my life with emails, SMS, and throwing papers through my door about the need to install smart meters, and after I finally agree to book an installation, my appliances start to pack up.

My oven and refrigerator suddenly stopped working immediately after the smart meter installation - called bulb customer care and all they tell me are there’s nothing they can do about it and the faults are probably a result of how I turn my appliances off and on.

Called the gentleman from EON who came to install the meter and that great guy first apologised because he figured there’s a little chance he may have touched something. He offered to walk me through the troubleshooting process while on the phone (which I couldn’t do because I wasn’t home), and asked me to keep him posted all the way. Now, that’s how to offer support.

Update: the engineer from EON pointed me in the direction to fix the glitch, and my oven, as well as my refrigerator, now works.

Hate to state the obvious, but you have checked the consumer unit/fuse box to make sure everything turned on right?

That’s the first question the gentleman from EON asked and he pointed me in the right direction. The customer service rep, on the other hand, straight-up told me I may have damaged my own appliances myself. Such a way to pass it on to the customer. It was at that point I started to get irritated.

Got back home anyways, and found that a couple of switches were flipped down - I flipped them back up like the gentleman from Eon advised and everything works now. Customer support duly delivered. Simple as ABC.

Cheers @izzyhunt

At least it didn’t take them 7 months and an Ombudsman investigation to determine that the smart meter was faulty, as in my case! Gone to Good Energy.

If that customer service rep didn’t just ask you to check the fuse box the make sure everything was turned on, they need to be retrained. good that the eon installer has the braincell to mention this too you, and not think that you had magically been able to break 2 of your appliances just as a smart meter had been installed.

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Hi @Olu :wave:

Thanks for your post and sorry to hear you have had a poor experience with us recently.

I just had a listen back to your call, I’m sorry if we didn’t provide the support you were looking for.

As your energy provider, our responsibility ends with the meter and fuses often trip at random - which is why my colleague may not have been able to offer further advice.

I understand you feel disappointed with our service however, and I’ve sent you an email for if you want to discuss this further.

Ele :bulb: