Take part in our energy monitor trial

Thanks for the interest, this trial is now closed.

We want to help our members cut back on their energy use. Not only will it help save money, but it’s also a crucial part of tackling climate change.

On average, energy monitor users manage to reduce their energy usage by at least 10%. So they seem like a no brainer. An energy monitor is a device that clips onto your meter and records your energy usage. You’re then showed in real time just how much energy you’re using.

Why the trial?
Before we dive headfirst into the deep end we need to make sure we’re making the best decisions for our members. We have a few questions we need answering, and the best way to answer them is for our members to give energy monitors a try.

Here are the kind of questions that we’re hoping to answer:

  1. Are the monitors we've chosen good quality?
  2. Are they easy to fit and make use of?
  3. How big an impact do they actually have on your usage? And can we increase that?
  4. And finally, we want to get feedback on what information is most useful to you

What we need from you
We need a lot of feedback from our triallers so that we can answer the questions above. This means, if you take part, we’ll send you 1 or 2 emails each month with links to surveys and community posts asking for your thoughts and experiences. To make this trial a success we need all the feedback we can get. But don’t worry, it’ll be nice and easy to give us your thoughts on the experience!

Take part in the trial
We have 10 spaces remaining and it’s first come first served. So just post below ASAP to take part! The trial will last 6 months.

The only requirements are that you’re a current Bulb member and that you’re game for giving us regular feedback on how you’re finding it.

Yes please!

Yes please :slight_smile:

Great stuff @jolochhead and @50quidforyouandforme! All you guys need to do is check your meter is compatible and we’ll add you to the list.

You can check your meters by answering the FAQs here: https://www.your-loop.com/faqs

Let me know when if you’re good to go!

Would be happy to! Just tell me what to do. My meters are compatible according to those FAQs.

@cullasy Awesome! We’ll add you to the list! =)

I’d be down to do this. My meters are compatible as far as I can tell

@nimish Fantastic. I’ll make sure you are on the list too.

How are you doing @50quidforyouandforme - do you reckon you’re compatible? Let me know if I can help in anyway.

On it. Will get back asap

@50quidforyouandforme great stuff.

Confirmed compatible- please add me to the list! Thanks

P.s any advice on how to change my display name? It’s greyed out when I try to edit my profile, so appears un-changeable.

@50quidforyouandforme Great news. I’ll get you on the list and I’ll work out the display name question and get back to you.

I’m up for this please!

Cool, great @harry. We still have a few monitors.

First things first, please could you check your meters are compatible. Here are the instructions to check - https://www.your-loop.com/faqs

Hi Will, just checked - my meters are compatible. What do I do next?

@harry great stuff. I’ll send out an energy monitor for you and you’ll get it in a few days. Would you like us to send it to the address we supply energy to? Or would another one be better?

@will the one my energy is supplied to please

Will do @harry. Will do. I’ll drop you an email with expected delivery date and instructions on how to set up and give feedback, etc.