Take the next bill from my Credit Amount

I am in a lot of credit - Are you able to take the next bill from this credited amount, and not take the direct debit?

Best thing to do is change the DD to £1 a month until your balance is what you want it to be.

Hey @OliverJF.

If your account is in enough credit to cover your next payment, the payment won’t automatically be stopped or reduced.

@PaulMC12345 is absolutely right, you can reduce your monthly Direct Debit. Or we can refund credit in your account, as long as we have up to date meter readings.

Your payments are an average to cover your annual cost of energy.

You tend to use more energy in the winter, and less in the summer. So, your ideal monthly payment amount would be an average of your winter and summer bills.

Your regular meter readings help ensure you’re being charged the right amount. If your payments look to high or low, we’d tell you in the 'Payments & statements" section.