Taking a reading from a broken Smart meter

We have had issues since our supposed smart meter was installed in August 2020. The IHD stopped working properly around a year ago and we ended up having to unplug it as it was constantly turning off and back on again. Bulb started the estimated readings in August 2021 and it has taken until last week (7th March 2022) to get a replacement electrical smart meter. Before the engineer came I took a manual reading from the gas meter but was unable to take one from the electric meter. The engineer confirmed it was broken and also was not sure how a reading could be taken.
Bulb has now adjusted our account so we are over £1300 in credit (obviously something to do with the meter change). My question is - how can bulb give us an accurate electric ‘actual’ reading if the meter was broken? We just want this sorted as soon as….

Hi @TraceyB :wave:

So as you have said, we are unfortunately not able to take a reading when a smart meter is faulty in this way. This means that we do have to estimate the reading for when it was removed from the property. We calculate this using your historical usage and readings, so it should be relatively accurate to your actual usage.

I can see that the engineer entered a reading of 0, which has resulted in a few billing issues (hence the large account credit). I have updated this for you now and requested a new up-to-date bill is sent over to you. Once our billing team have made sure this is all correct for you, we’ll get it emailed over.

-Luke :bulb:

Thanks @LukeM_at_Bulb
I’m assuming as the credit has increased that you’re in the process of sorting?

Hey @TraceyB

That’s correct. We currently have a draft statement that is being approved by our operations team. You’ll receive an updated statement as soon as this is all approved.

– Robyn :bulb:

@Robyn_at_Bulb @LukeM_at_Bulb
Just received my new statement which is extremely questionable. I have sent a reply to bulb asking for this information to be checked. There are supposed customer readings which are completely made up as the meter was broken and I did not submit any readings because it was not possible to do so. The historical usage is completely off also as we have used far less electricity from our home business due to loss of work in 2021 with the pandemic. I’d suggest someone look into this as a matter of urgency or this will be taken further. We cannot be expected to pay for electricity that bulb cannot definitively say we have used.

Hi @TraceyB :wave:

Thank you for flagging this, I can see that the reading being used for the electricity shows much higher usage than your historical readings do.

I have amended that for you now, and produced a new estimate which hopefully you will agree is fair and more in line with your true usage.

The bill is just being approved, but I’ll get that sent over to you before the end of the day.

-Luke :bulb: