Talk to a person - live chat always busy

How do I talk to a person about why one of my meter readings isn’t showing. Your chat function is always showing as busy and there doesn’t seem another way. I’ve just switched to you as I heard great things about your customer service but struggling to access any!

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I’m having the exact same problem - none of the meter readings I’ve submitted in the app are showing up and the estimates are way higher than my actual usage. And I can’t get through to anyone on chat ever. Not a great first two months experience.

Check out : on ways of contacting Bulb.

Don’t bother, customer service with bulb doesn’t exist. I waited about an hour to get onto the live chat, the person could not answer my question and passed it to their prepayment team who have now been ignoring me for over a week. I am over 60, they say they give priority to us crumblies … that has certainly not been the case for me!


Hi @chevinside , welcome to Bulb community!

I am sorry that you have been having trouble contacting us recently on live chat.

Our phone lines are open 9am-6pm Monday to Friday, and you can reach us on 0300 303 0635. You can also email us at Alternatively, you can send us a private message on Twitter or Facebook if you like.

Let me know on here if you’d like me to send you an email to go over anything.

Perhaps you didn’t notice thr date on that post is Oct 2019

I emailed Still not had a reply. I rang the phone number which was an automated message saying bog off, use live chat. Waited an hour nearly to get through on live chat (operative Meyre P - if I can read my writing correctly. The chat operator said they had passed all my info to the prepayment team who would contact me before 2pm. That was over a week ago now. My suspicion is that nothing was passed through. Please check, then email me with your responses to my questions. Please don’t make me go over everything again because of the lack of a functioning customer service system.

It was reopened on 12/10/20 by darialanz. Since it reflects my experience with bulb, I chipped in.

Yes fair enough, but samR had originally replied to catherine.laycock, but then deleted it and put your name on it(that was why my origanal post) still crap C/S however you look at it.

Ahh, interesting, I wasn’t online to see that! 100% agreed about level of C/S.

Hi @chevinside,

I have popped you an email now. I’m really sorry that you have struggled to get through to us previously, we’re experience particularly high inflow at the moment. But if you pop me an email back, we can go from there.

Popped an email back but still no response from Bulb 16 days later.

Hi @chevinside,

Apologies that my colleague hasn’t had a chance to get back to your email, I will look into your case now and respond to you :blush: