Tarif for DD payments

So far since joining July 2019 very pleased with the set up. Being able to set your DD payments, I read my own meter every month.

Question is the tariff for gas/electric the same if you pay by Direct Debit
Scottish Powers tariffs are more expensive.

Asking as I left Scottish Power over this, they would not reduce DD monthly payments even though I was over £300 plus in credit.

The question doesn’t really arise, as the only payment method is monthly DD.

Thanks for that. Thats better keeping a set DD payment and being able to “Top up” as and when needed.

Slight correction they also have prepay but only one tariff its the S/C that’s different

I think you’re confused.

Tariffs are ALWAYS cheaper if you pay by monthly direct debit.

The fact that the monthly direct debit might be higher than you’d like, and they wont reduce it even if you’re in significant credit, does NOT change the tariff in terms of the actual cost of energy. The direct debit is not “the bill”. Scottish Power will refund credit if you ask, in fact when I was their customer there was even a way to do this via the account portal without having to contact anyone.

To compare if a tariff is cheaper or more expensive than another tariff, you need to compare the unit rate (pence per kWh) and standing charge (pence per day). The amount paid by direct debit is almost meaningless and does not directly reflect the cost of energy.