tariff changes


How often do Bulb’s tariff’s change? I can see that bulb’s tariff is the lowest and I wanted to understand what factors drive the change in tariffs.

I wanted to understand this as I am new to bulb. Normally, with other suppliers I would choose a tariff which remains fixed for a year or 2, but I don’t get that visibility with bulb.


Bulb is on a variable tariff and price is based on the wholesale cost which can fluctuate up or down during the year, any increase you will be given 60 days notice as they pay for energy in advance.

This may help:

It looks to me that wholesale prices for both gas & electricity are now similar to what they were in spring last year. And 30%+ cheaper than they were in September. So there must be more to it than just wholesale cost. Perhaps, I’m wrong, I don’t really understand all this.


I profess to not fully understanding it but this is the latest information from Bulb.

I don’t understand it either. Wholesale price in Feb for next winter (2019/20) were 1.6p, and it’s now 2p. So an increase of 0.4p. But our price has gone up by 1.2p. So can only assume network costs have gone up massively, or all the suppliers are making more margin. With so many small suppliers going bust, they can’t be. So in other words, I have no idea!