Tariff Confusion - new customer

Hi there. I recently switched to Bulb after doing a price comparison which showed I’d make significant yearly savings on my electricity usage. Now, I’m just confused about the information I’m receiving about my tariff.

Let me explain my situation. I live in a small flat, have electricity only, have night store heaters, and have a pre-payment meter. I was previously with EDF on a standard (variable) Economy7 tariff, paying a much cheaper unit rate at night - which is standard for all the suppliers I’ve ever used. The price comparison - which was definitely made for electricity only, Economy 7 and pre-payment meter - showed me that I would be much better off with Bulb. Though their day rate was a bit higher than EDF’s, the night rate was lower. That, and the estimate that I’d save around £84 a year, sold me on it.

I received my new Bulb key last weekend and charged and used it for the first time today, when my EDF credit ran out. When I plugged it in, the readout showed only a single unit rate of 13.36p per kWh - whereas I’d been told my unit rates should be 16.296p per kWh daytime and 7.907p per kWh at night. I got straight in touch with Bulb via Online Chat and explained the situation, as stated above. The first answer I got was ‘Bulb only has one tariff. The unit charge depends how your meter is calibrated. Hope this helps.’ I got straight back and said ‘No’, because it wasn’t answering the question. I restated the question, asking if a check could be made on my meter. I then got a response along the lines of ‘I’ve checked your meter and you’re on one rate of 13.36p per kWh. Hope this clarifies things.’

I restated my question for a third time. It was seen, but not answered this time - presumably because it was after 6.

So… can someone in the community help with a proper answer, please? It looks to me as if they’ve put me on a rate for a normal standard (variable) tariff, whereas I should be on the Economy 7 rates. I’ve given up trying to get an answer out of ‘Chat’. I can’t state the question more clearly than I have to them, but the answers are still not making things clearer.

I’m not sure what help we can offer as fellow customers.

It seems fairly clear you’ve been put on the single rate tariff, which is not what you wanted. There’s not much to be done except to say keep asking Bulb. At some point you might get a service drone that actually knows what they’re talking about.

The fact they have supposedly “trained” staff that clearly don’t understand that “Bulb only has one tariff” doesn’t mean they don’t have different types of tariff, beggars belief.

The unit charge depends how your meter is calibrated.

Oh dear lord. You certainly got a good one there!

Obligatory XKCD for when dealing with tech support. Well, we’ve got to try to lighten the mood over the downfall of this once excellent company!

I’ve had the same problem. Exactly the same !
I’ve spoken to 22 operators numerous chat etc.

I’m off to Octopus Energy

I’ve only been with Bulb a month and what a disaster

Their lightbulb has gone out with a smart rollout and its fell flat on its face .