Tariff increase - no notification

I have just submitted my meter readings (which will be ignored, different topic) and noticed my tariff has been increased. I have had no notification of this. Does this mean that every 3-6months Bulb will increase prices and hope we don’t notice ???

Minimum 30 days notice of tariff increases. Nobody else has had a price rise recently, and I doubt it’s just you - perhaps you are confused somewhere?

I have just had the most ridiculous answer from Bulb see below after I have been submitting meter readings since I joined I will be moving supplier

Oct 16, 10:03 BST

Hi Nicola,

We would never increase your tariff without warning. We give 30 days notice of any tariff increase. However, it looks like we conducted a payment review on your account in August causing your payments to be increased.

This is because your account is currently in debt because you hadn’t been paying enough to cover your usage.

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Well, there you go, it’s all written in there

It is not in debt because they use estimates and have not taken my meter readings for 6 months

hi @nicola.pike i think the ultimate problem that needs to be resolved is to why they aren’t taking your meter readings. Once that is happening, your DD will be adjusted correctly to pay for your actual usage and any debt that may have occurred by them using estimates

Ah, I see. You’re confusing your tariff with your direct debit. They are not the same thing.

As @darryl5653 says, Bulb need to sort out why your meter readings aren’t being accepted. I’d suggest ensuring this is done before starting a supplier switch, because that will only add to the confusion.

@William_at_Bulb another one for you, I think.

Hi @nicola.pike,

Don’t worry, your tariff with Bulb has not increased. We would let you know 30 days in advance if this was the case.

Bulb increased your direct debit back in July, as your payments weren’t enough to cover your usage. We sent an email to let you know that we were doing this, and as we didn’t hear back from you, we increased your payments to prevent a shock build up of debt.

We are receiving monthly meter readings for your account, and we’re using them to create estimated meter readings on the billing date. To use your actual readings for your statements, we need to receive readings within 3 days of the statement being issued, otherwise they won’t be a good representation of what you’ve used that month.

You’ll receive an email reminder for when we need those readings. If you’d like to change your billing date to a different time in the month, just drop me a message.

I’ve never really understood this argument. Lets say I submit meter readings at the worst possible time, just after a bill is produced. Surely that reading is shown and used on the next bill, so worst case is the estimate should only ever cover no more than 4 weeks. It shouldn’t get progressively worse and worse every month. There’s no reason for readings to be ignored completely just because they were submitted at the “wrong” time - they should always appear on at least one bill against the date they were submitted.

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I completely agree. As these reading are then ignored the account, as you say looks as if its getting more into debt, when in fact it isn’t. Then to add insut to injury Bulb accuse you of being in debt to them !!!

Meter readings are never ignored. They are always shown on each statement and used to calculate our estimated readings.

For example; if you submit a meter reading half way through the month, Bulb would generate an estimate for the end of the month by adding half of your monthly usage to the earlier reading. This means that our estimates should never be far off the true figure. It also allows us to re-calibrate your usage, every single time we receive a reading.

In your case @nicola.pike, your estimated readings were too high because our estimate for your monthly usage was too large.

I’ve lowered your estimated consumption back down, which will prevent future issues.

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Thank you I have been asking for this for 4 months, I do hope this will solve the problem of your other customer team constantly telling me I am in debt
Lets see what happens when the state arrives tomorrow
Appreciate your help