Tariff on my statement LESS than I was quoted

My pence per kWh on my gas electric and standing charge is a couple of pence less than I was told it would be after 1st April.

Obviously I’m not complaining but seems a bit wired. Wondering if it’ll adjust again next month???

Anyone else had this?


And less than they say I’m on when I check online and via app (which says it’s what I was told it would be by email last month)

Quotes given normally include VAT at 5%, but the unit prices on your statement exclude it, and then have the VAT calculation at the end. Would that explain the difference?

Yeah, I discovered that the other day too. What it actually costs the customer is whats on the tariff quote. The statement shows a net price excl 5% VAT, which is then added on at the end.

Hi @michaeldolling,

Thanks for getting in touch with us about this I do understand why it is a bit confusing.

I just want to confirm that @stevefoster and @Beanie are correct as the figures on your statement do not include VAT at 5%.

Let me know if you have any further questions :point_down:

Jenny :star: