Tariff options for a house that has gas and electricity supply

Is the dual fuel tariff mandatory for Bulb customers who have a house supplied with gas and electricity?

Hi @cameronwright93, I don’t think I understand what you mean.

Bulb only have one tariff but as a dual fuel customer you get a £30 discount per year.

You can have different companies supply gas and leccy if that’s what you mean.

Yes mowicius, different companies for each energy type, that’s what I meant. Thank you.

Hi @cameronwright93

You can choose an Electricity only account or a dual fuel.

We don’t offer a gas only tariff at the moment.


Thanks @“Rob at Bulb” . The ‘Get a quote’ page is misleading seen as the fist question is asking what your home is supplied with. If you want an electricity only tariff you need to say that your home is supplied with electricity only which may not be the case. That’s why I was unsure.

Hi @cameronwright93 That’s great feedback and is something I’ve passed on to the technology team to make clearer.