Tariff's Night Hourse


I have signed up today. I see in my welcome pack that I have been offered a variable day/night rate.

1). Can you please help me with the start and end times for my day and night rates? My meter has a sticker saying 2:30 to 7:30 GMT is off-peak. Will it be the same as what’s on the sticker or do you have a different schedule?

2). If I go for a single rate plan, how much would the tariff be?

It is an important consideration to be made for me to choose between a day/night or single rate tariff.


Hi @Vaibhav - it looks like you have two related meter points but we’ve only registered for one of them so far.

This means you would have to pay an extra standing charge for the extra meter. The standing charge would be 24.56p per day (£89.64 per year) for each meter, this would mean adding £7.47 to your existing quote. It’s also important to note that we would have to charge the second meter (which is probably used for storage heaters) on a single flat rate with no off-peak rate, and you won’t be able to submit meter readings through your online account - you’d have to email us or call us each time.

The 2-rate meter does indeed record off-peak usage between 02:30 - 07:30 and that won’t change. If you wanted the 2-rate meter on a flat tariff, the cost would be 12.568p per kWh, including VAT.

Please let us know if you would like to continue with the switch process and we’ll get everything sorted.

Many thanks,