Tariffs & Timing

I’m not clear if my tariff is the equivalent of economy 7 - if it’s not how do I change it to being so? And what are the night time parameters, so I know when to charge my car. Thanks!

@hughandlulu you’re on an economy 7 tariff already :slight_smile: You’re on off-peak between about midnight and 7am each day.

Hi James. I was on Economy 10 with the supplier I’m switching from. I’m going to Economy 7 with bulb. I presume my off peak period will be the same. Does it change when the clocks change for daylight saving? Many thanks.

Hi @kim8934, thanks for flagging this issue. Our quote is for E7 and doesn’t work for E10. We’ve adjusted your tariff to a single-rate tariff. This can work out cheaper if don’t use much energy during off-peak hours. However, if you notice that the cost of your energy is higher than expected we can help cover this unexpected cost whilst you look for a different supplier that can offer you a two-rate tariff for an E10 meter.

Economy 10 off peak times pls cfm

Hi @Veena1651 your meter records off-peak usage between 12am-5am, 1pm-4pm and 8pm-10pm :slight_smile:

Hi @Veena1651 your meter records off-peak usage between 12am-5am, 1pm-4pm and 8pm-10pm :)

@“SamC at Bulb”

Is there now an E10 tariff available? Or would a friend switching have to be moved to single rate as @“John at Bulb” mentioned?

Hey @phproxy - at the moment, they’d be put on a 2-rate tariff by our system automatically. But we will be going through them and making any changes necessary at some point in future, but at the moment, I’m afraid I can’t guarantee whether that will be in a week or a year. We would give 60 days notice before changing how somebody is billed though.

Hope that helps,