I have just swapped to Bulb and I have an economy 10 meter.Please can you let me know the unit costs.

If, as I understand it, you only have one tariff, can I have the correct type of meter fitted and then have a Smart meter installed?

Tula, Bulb wont respond until Mon as they close over the weekends.

If you’ve switched (or are switching) to Bulb, the tariff information should be available in the Account section under “My account and tariff info” (click “Sign in” top right corner of the community forum to go to the accounts section ) - https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard/personal-details may take you right there.

@Tula, if you have an Economy 10 meter then you’re on a single rate tariff. Your welcome pack (emailed to you) will advise as to what your unit rate is.

Bulb only currently support single rate and Economy 7.

Hi @Tula, @mowcius is right, we don’t offer an economy10 tariff so you are currently on a single rate with us. You can see these rates by taking a look at your tariff details on your online account.