What is your Vari-Fair tariff for dual electricity

Hi @ianrval6102 our tariff varies very slightly between regions depending on transmissions costs.

The best way to find out the tariff details for your area is having a look here https://bulb.co.uk/tariff :slight_smile:

Couldn’t see any reference to different tariffs for day and night electricity usage on your tariff page.

Hey @ianrval6102, once you get to the page with a quote you can scroll to the bottom to select “Compare to my Current Supplier” and then select “Yes” for Economy 7. You can choose either of the 3 “And I use this much energy” options to fill in and then the tariff details on the following page will show Day and Night rates.

If you still have trouble you can just give us the first part of your postcode and we can inform you of rates for your region here :slight_smile: