When I ask for a quote I am told that I will be paying £64 per month but I am actually paying £106 pm. Can you tell me the reason for this please.

when you did the quote, did you enter your actual annual usage from your last bill / supplier? If not it might have been based on assumptions - how many bedrooms, number of occupants etc and could be inaccurate. The £106 might be based on your assumed annual usage extrapolated from a limited period- if you just joined bulb won’t have much data to go on! The best way to get your direct debit to the correct level is to supply meter reading regularly. If you do so just before your bill is due you can ensure your bill is accurate and it may well be that your direct debit has been set too high. Remember though, it is normal to overpay in summer and build up credit for the winter months. You can easily reduce your direct debit if you find you are regularly overpaying by a significant sum. Or simply reduce it now and top up your balance as and when necessary.

@Heyshamite The points made by @Ed1178 are right, but if you reckon that your expected usage is lower than the estimates, you can always alter your monthly payment amount on your Bulb account :slight_smile: