Teach Me About Light Bulbs

I’m currently replacing a bunch of light bulbs in my home, however, I want to save money by purchasing off of Amazon. I can’t seem to figure out with a 100% confidence the type of light bulbs I’m replacing. So I dug myself into a dark hole where I want to learn everything there is to know about light bulbs. I’ve watched a couple of videos and read some articles but I’m still lost reading all the information on this particular light bulb. The only portion I understand is Lumens which is brightness

“L23TM6/2K(N) 22W 120VAC 60Hz 380mA 1600 LUMENS UL #E170906

The most important focus is figuring out the base size so I can purchase new bulbs. I’ve measured base and got 26mm but I don’t see a 26 anywhere in that information. Please help me become a light bulb specialist. Thanks in advance.

Hi there. There are generally 2 types of bulb. bayonet bulb (b22) and screw-type bulbs (E27 aka ES).
There are other bulbs as well for specialist purposes like for spotlights (GU10)

Here’s the simple way to find out

if the bulb looks like this: bayonet bulb
It is a bayonet bulb.
if it looks like this:screw bulb
it is a screw type bulb

If it looks different from those, feel free to take a picture, and post it on this thread and ill try to see which one it is

Also which country are you in, you’re looking at 120v bulbs, which makes me think you’re in America?

If not, make sure you’re using The UK version of Amazon

thannkyou my issue has been solved