Telephone call service

Today, I phoned in Bulb and required some assistance over my flat’s electricity.
Sherlyn (Energy Specialist) has done a fabulous job! She was extremely helpful and kind.
She solved my problem in a really short period of time.
It was very much appreciated!


Welcome to the community @chung

I’m really glad to hear that Sherlyn was extremely helpful, I’ve sent her a copy of your message as well.

~James W

Personally I have had no issues with Bulb, but where have you been hiding when others have been reporting issues on this forum. :wink:

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My thoughts exactly!

@JamesW_at_Bulb is there any chance you can come out of the woodwork and post replies to the hundreds of critical threads, and not just the ones complimenting Bulb? It might just be that Bulb then start looking like they care about customer service.


bulb are theives total theives

Hi @Hooloovoo I’m fresh out of training and excited to get involved with the community, there might be things I can’t help with at first but as my knowledge grows I will be more than happy to help. I’ve actually already learnt a thing or two from reading through your posts!


It would be far better if you explain your problem rather than the unhelpful comments?

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just because your up managements backside dont give you the right to tell me what to do

Sorry if you have an attitude problem to a simple query. I don’'t see the point in you slagging off Bulb if you don’t explain the reason.

Just wonder if it is the dreaded referral situation?

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Aye, I’ll bet you have. :sweat_smile:
Seriously though - while admiring your enthusiasm, one has to ask - is Bulb really in such dire straits that they cannot spare one or two experienced people to contribute to the forum? It hardly instils confidence.