Telephone meter readings

Has anyone thought about having an automated phone system for giving meter readings? May be handy for someones spouse/partner who is not so good with computers.

Hmm, it wouldn’t be that difficult integrating with Twilio to accept the readings and then it’ll just be some way of authenticating the phone call (you could base it on caller line id, but that not only can be faked, but multiple phone numbers to a property and people may have multiple properties - so you’ll want the caller to enter in some sort of ‘account code’…). Any suggestions what the account code should be that people won’t easily forget but not too easily guessed/bypassed? (I’m guess ‘enroll your phone number’ and match the caller line id and then ask for the digits of the address and postal code to distinguish properties).

Dammit, if I had the time available, I’d build that to be honest… (Only problem with a third party building it is that currently you’ll need to store the user’s email address and password [in decryptable to plain text manner] to connect to Bulb to submit the readings - and that’s a big ‘no-no’ from me in a security perspective).

The app is easier (some would say ‘lacking in advanced functions’) which might be easier for those people to use on a smart phone instead of the website. I’ll guess if it’s a low number of people, Bulb would be reasonably willing to accept the readings via their normal phone number… Of course, Bulb is a ‘paperless’ energy company so you’ve got to have an email address to receive the bills, statements and important notices with accounts which can only be signed up online, so it’s (from their perspective at least) reasonable to expect ‘some level of technical competence’.

Plus, this will all become redundant once SMETS2 smart meters come out as they’ll auto-report back the readings… So it’s probably not worth Bulb’s time building it even though it’ll take about a day.

just joined can someone give me phone number please , what is this company like?

just joined can someone give me phone number please , what is this company like?

Personally I find them a good company, their phone number is on the Help page, click the Help button at the top of this page.