Telephone support number


What is the number to call support? I’ve been in contact with Bulb support via email/tickets for the past two months, and honestly, the replies are abysmal.
Some are within hours, some I’m waiting a few days for, others weeks.

I’d like to actually speak to someone, I keep seeing articles mentioning calling but I’m struggling to find a phone number.

Thanks in advance

It’s 0300 30 30 635… Be prepared for a wait to get answered!

It’s not good to rely on a phone number that some random person has given to you on the internet, with no source quoted. It could easily be a scam with someone pretending to be Bulb at that number and trying to get you to phone up and phish your personal details.

Here is the page containing all the actual contact details.


Fair point Hooloovoo… Dash it!.. Foiled again! :confounded: